Dirt Skies

by Dissolution

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released August 10, 2011

Dennis Mott - Vocals & Guitars
Ryan Forsyth - Guitars
Matt Stanicky - Bass
Scott Patterson - Drums

Written, Arranged, Recorded & Produced by Dissolution
Mixed and Mastered by Ryan Forsyth & Dennis Mott @ Grimfrykt Media

Album Artwork By Nyco Rudolph @ River City Creative Arts - nycorudolph@hotmail.com
Album Layout by Dennis Mott

© 2011 Dissolution


all rights reserved



Dissolution Winnipeg, Manitoba

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Track Name: Bloodlust
Sadistic, maniacal, insane butcher
Never flinching in his acts of murder

Never saying so much as a word
His victim's screams - the only noises heard
The sheer enjoyment, his modus operandi
Limbs and entrails - to him as good as candy

Like an itch that forever goes unscratched
Relief only comes when limbs are detached

His only purpose, his meaning in life
Is seeing you die at the end of his knife

Being virtually impervious to death
He’ll fool you into thinking he's drawn his final breath
Your guard will drop, you'll think that it's all over
That’s when he'll strike - a deathly accurate bloody blur
Track Name: Anesthesia Awareness
A routine procedure
The doctor assured you
Still uneasy but acceptant
That it must be done

You're prepped and put on the table
You're given gas and told to count
Backwards from one hundred
Until suddenly you're out

You're suddenly jolted
Awake in incredible pain
Hazy but suddenly aware that
your voice can not complain

(Solos: Dennis, Ryan, Dennis)

Your heart rate races out of control
And the doctors try to stabilize
But all efforts seem to fail
Stability fails to reprise

Resuscitative efforts fail
You suffer cardiac arrest
One final time your lungs exhale
Soon after you are laid to rest
Track Name: Frozen Prey
Running scared, digits numb
Frostbite turns his fingers black
Piercing wind, stings his eyes
Vision blurred in swirling winds

Noses to the wind they smell his fear and flesh
They relish in the hunt bloodlust in their eyes
Hungry for too long the pack is ravenous
He is frozen prey north wind hides his cries

In the night, canine howls
They approach with no delay
Not much time, left to him
His icy limbs won’t respond

In a blink, they surround
Muzzles dripping with intent
Now they strike, from all sides
Staining white snow with his blood

Noses to the wind they smell his fear and flesh
They relish in the hunt bloodlust in their eyes
Hungry for too long the pack is ravenous
He is frozen prey north wind hides his cries

Red maws open wide close down on his jugular
Bones splinter, tendons rip, flesh tears, blood flies
Nothing will remain of what was once a man
In a flurry of red the frozen prey is consumed.
Track Name: Undead Cybernetic Life
It’ll grind you into dust
Quick feet and mind a must
There’s no time to look back
At eyes you used to trust
Born from flesh and steel
Infused with cog and wheel
The soul behind the eyes
Is trapped and can still feel

Never stopping never resting man-machine sent to kill
Undead cybernetic life
Never living never ending soul entombed in a shell
Stainless steel outer skin

Just an arm and a head
Iron skin and blood of lead
A man you used to know
Humanity is shed
You deal a mortal blow
But you won’t dine with crow
Because all that you’ve done
Is show what little you know

Never stopping never resting man-machine sent to kill
Undead cybernetic life
Never living never ending soul entombed in a shell
A wronk by any other name

You can’t believe your eyes
Surrounded by the cries
Of all those ripped apart
Its dark frame shades the sky
Now that the time has come
To be ground under thumb
Sit back and wonder if
The crows will be left a crumb
Track Name: Incorporeality
Here come the dead, they march in droves, against the living.
To build a new world, where all are equal, no senseless struggle.

"Life is Death, Death is Life,
No more Breath, No more Strife"

So claim the dead, in their still life
In hopes to spread, their frigid strife
Upon the living ones who defy,
Who simply do not want to die

Soldiering on, the living ones, do not surrender.
From dusk till dawn, the dead march on, in ghastly formation.

(Solos: Dennis, Ryan)

"Life is Death, Death is Life"
Track Name: Dirt Skies
Speck of insignificance
Ripping through the indifference
Murders heard on a night like this
Battlefield on the horizon

There are so many wounded
So many bodies surrounding me
Hiding within their blood soaked shrouds
The enemy will never find this place

As I sleep under the carcasses
I smell the scent of their burning flesh
Where I'm sleeping, is no longer safe
Burning bodies, surrounding me

(Solos: Dennis, Ryan)

Of all the bad things I've done in this world
I never expected to be in this place
I open up my new dead eyes
no heaven or hell, just dirt skies

I'm being cut from the outside
Stuck in the midst of another mans flesh
My soul, slowly releases
There's no way I can endure this pain
Track Name: Buried Alive
A Hazy Awakening
Darkness is all you see
The faint sound of voices speak
"Make sure he's buried deep"

You realize you are being buried alive
Armed with knowledge that you are going to die
You hope someone will hear your desperate cry
You simply want to know why??

Your thoughts race beyond control
You're not sure how you will go
Suffocation or feral hounds?
Starve to death? Crushed underground?

(Solos: Dennis, Ryan)
Track Name: Eternal Death
The acid rain fell to the ground
And from the cemetery came awful sounds
When the unthinkable - our graves unearthed!
By us, you see! By our rebirth!

You too may know our pain
And you will go insane
And with no end in sight
We will not stop our fight

To say we have eternal life would be in err
Instead we have eternal death
For life suggests that you go on without a care
But we are cursed, we can't leave here

Sustenance is what we seek
After awakening from our final sleep.
To Stop the pain of being dead,
We must eat your brains right out of your head!

We understand your point of view,
But there is not a thing we can do!
So in advance we apologize,
But it is time for your demise!
Track Name: Disinclined Savior
Fool! Thought you could run
From! Fate decided
Now! Your time has come
Gone! Is your old name

This isn’t right
This mustn’t be

Reluctant hero to the end…just accept it
Walk in the ways of the Druids
No longer called the Dark Uncle…now you’re the one
Cleanse the world of ignorance
Reluctant hero to the end…accept the charge
Walk among man as a teacher
No longer called the Dark Uncle…fate has decreed
Disinclined Saviour you are

You…said you’d give…your right arm…to elude
Now…it’s time to…keep your oath…turn to stone

Pride! This you must slay
Time! It is now short
Come! Embrace your fate
Now! The time is now

(Solos: Dennis, Ryan)

Your…end comes now…do not fear…not in vain
Die…spend your life…disinclined…dark savior
Track Name: Emperor of Extinction
Born into unspeakable power, with the world’s every whim at his fingertips
Corrupted at a very early age, taught to Look at people as if they were shit.
Bombarded with military imagery, and Shown that no other way of life exists
And ones who oppose the rule of his father would be cast out, imprisoned
and thrown to the abyss

Insatiable, he lusts for power
Unstable - he’ll devour

Discovering an ancient power, Locked away deep inside the earth's grip
Deviously tricking his father, to help him in any way he sees fit
For he tells him that this power he could use
But unbeknownst to him it was only a ruse!
He sticks a knife in his father's stomach
And with a look of disgust, he gives a final kick

(Solo: Ryan)

Unstoppable is what he soon became, as he Tore the world asunder,
Setting cities aflame, Survivors growing fewer by the day, and if he
Thought you would oppose him, your life he would claim.
Is there no hope for humankind? A hero with a focus, their mission refined?
Or is extinction a possibility? Is life itself now an exercise in futility?

(Solo: Dennis)
Track Name: Years Of Pain
oughing fits and lungs burning, the gold skinned man wrenched
Doubled over from lack of air, clutching at his chest
Mutters a curse to the gods as blood falls from his lips
Then smiles silently to himself

Though....he...aches, he will rise
To…the…heights, of the gods
He…can’t...see, the fault in it
He…will…rule a dead world
All…who…stand, in his way
Must…and…will, be destroyed
Love…and…life, he will shed
He…will…rule a dead world

Blinded by power and drive, hourglass eyes do not see
The killing of gods compels, love and faith thrown aside
Into the abyss he goes, a dark dragon to dethrone
He now sees the folly in it

Condemned to hell and torment, thirty years of pain
Enthralled to the Queen of Darkness
By his own choice he stays, to endure the pain
To save a world from destruction

“There’s no rest for deicidal maniacs in the abyss
Only a renewal so the ravens can rip out your guts once more
You thought you would kill all gods with your mortal hands
But you were weak and couldn’t kill us without killing the world”

(Solos: Dennis, Ryan)

I….will not die.......I….will return….
Track Name: Forgotten Fiend
Cryptic Messages whispering of a place
Hidden for ages, an ancient foe we face
What will be found when we travel to the skies?
Friend – Foe or Fame…Rise up and challenge

Light for dark – Dark for light
Now make your choice, fight or flight
Sphere of hate – Sphere of hope
Forgotten fiend, He is death

Soaring higher reaching for the endless blue
Upon the clouds we touch down and start the hunt
Searching the floating mountains day after day
Then it comes into view, the sphere to end us

The journey may end when we face the fiend
A holy - dark enigma
All cowardice aside, raise your sword
Choose to fight or choose to die

The journey ends here as we face the fiend
A life - death incarnation
All your power is nothing to Ozma
You chose to fight; now you die

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